About Us
CACEIS Bank Spain SAU is the services platform for entities that require “post-trade” solutions with a local presence in Spain, Brazil, Mexico and Colombia.

About us

CACEIS Bank Spain SAU S.A.U. is a Spanish bank dedicated to providing custody and settlement, deposit and administration services, directly in Spain and indirectly to institutional and corporate clients in Europe and Latin America.

S3’s activity is focused on the provision of post-trading securities services, being a regional provider in Latin America and a leader in the Spanish market.

S3 has successfully adapted to the growing complexity of markets and regulatory changes, and has invested heavily in technology and media to improve its services, thereby enabling it to expand its customers and volume of assets in custody on a constant basis.

You can check the information related to CACEIS through the following link https://www.caceis.com/who-we-are/

State of the art platform allowing flexible solutions

with post-trading

“On the ground” teams with large knowledge and high expertise

Front to back organization: Business management and Operations alignment